Medical Coverage Changes in 2017

By: Richard Torres, Practice Administrator

We would like to welcome Disney employees, Osceola County employees and its municipality employees effective 04/01/2017. Celebration Orthopaedic and Sport Medicine Institute now accepts all Cigna medical plans. Please call for an appointment today, we are now offering same day and next day appointments.

Florida exchange and the Trump Administration

In December 2016, HHS reported that nearly 1.6 million people gained health insurance in Florida from 2010 to 2015, as a result of the ACA. This is even though Florida has refused to accept federal funds to expand Medicaid under the ACA.

With Donald Trump’s win, there is some uncertainty about the future of the Affordable Care Act. If you’ve got questions about what’s going on, we’ve answered many of them here, and our Repeal & Replace section will continue to be updated with new information.

Congressional Republicans kicked off the 2017 session by beginning the process of repealing (via defunding) the ACA, but for the time being, nothing has changed, and nothing is likely to change in the near future; the repeal implementation will take two to four years, while the details of the replacement legislation will be worked out and implemented.

7 carriers offering plans in 2017; others exited at the end of 2016

United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna, Humana and Harken Health all decided to pull out all or most of the product lines they were offering in the Healthcare Exchange due to the complications in models being offered.

There is open legislation in Congress that will no doubt change the face of the current healthcare climate for those in need of personalized healthcare. The next few months will be telling. 

Florida health insurance exchange links

If you have questions or concerns regarding change in 2017, you may visit one of the links below.

State Exchange Profile: Florida
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation overview of Florida’s progress toward creating a state health insurance exchange.

Florida Health Choices
State exchange established independent of the Affordable Care Act

Florida Office of Insurance Regulation
Assists consumers who have purchased insurance on the individual market or who have insurance through an employer who only does business in Florida.
(1-877-693-5236) / Out of State: (850) 413-3089

Subscriber Assistance Program Agency for Health Care Administration
Serves residents enrolled in managed care; helps resolve grievance between managed care entities and their subscribers.
1-888-419-3456 (toll-free nationwide)