Dr Homan's Testimonials

"I want to say thank you for taking such excellent care of me last year when I tore my ACL. Not only have I recovered but I am also breaking my own records. Last month I competed in my longest event ever doing an Ironman 70.3 in Miami in 6 hours and 28 minutes. This past weekend I competed in the OUC 1/2 Marathon finishing in 1 hour 42 minutes which was 10 minutes under my PR from before the injury. I can't thank you enough for getting me to this point."

-Mike T.


"In my business you have to be at your physical best.  After my arthroscopic surgery with Dr. Homan I was able to quickly resume my training and get back to work."

-Renowned speed and performance coach Tom Shaw


"Dr. Homan and his staff were very helpful and professional.  Dr. Homan was able to treat my problem and get me back to my workouts without pain."

-Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans


"When I see Dr. Homan he takes  the time to explain my issue and give me treatment options.  When I am in Orlando I know I'm in good hands if I ever need him."

-Ike Taylor, Pittsburgh Steelers


Dr. Homan was very nice and helpful. I’m scheduled for an MRI today at 6pm and after that Dr. Homan can tell me more of what the “verdict” will be. Apparently, I have a little unusual shape of my neck which might be the source of my pain and lack of strength in my left arm and shoulder. I would like to thank you again as this process has been handled FIRST CLASS and very quickly. I have been delaying taking care of this as I don’t like to deal with this kind of stuff, but thanks to all of you it’s so far been a lot easier than I had imagined it would be.

I would like to thank you again as this process has been handled FIRST CLASS and very quickly.

Charlotta Sorenstam
Director of Golf Operations
Certified Callaway Club Fitter


In January I went to a physician in North Carolina because the wound on my previous elbow surgery would not heal.  They treated it, but, after another 6 weeks, there was still no relief. 

I decided to go see Dr. Brad Homan this past spring and the next day I was in surgery.  He opened my wound and found bone chips behind my triceps.  I went home that same day and was back to wrestling about 16 days later. 

In the past I have traveled to Alabama for all my (28) orthopaedic surgeries.  Knowing I have a doctor like Dr. Homan only 90 miles away from me is amazing.  I would recommend him to anyone

- Kevin Nash, Pro Wrestler 


For years I had been living with pain in my knee.  I finally gave in and had ACL surgery.  Now, almost a year after, I am fully recovered and have no more pain.  With my youngest son becoming more active in sports, it was the best choice I could have made.  I am now able to take a more active role in his football practice. 

After my ACL surgery with Dr. Homan, I am now able to play harder and take a more active role in his football practice. 

When he was injuried, there was no thought in my mind but to take him to Celebration Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Institute.  He will soon have his cast off and is expected to back in the game better than ever. 

- Larry and Sean Toor