Dr Johnston's Testimonials

On May 26, 2015, I had right knee surgery and today I am absolutely back to full mobility with no pain.  Leaving for a walking tour of Germany in 4 days. 

After several years of continual pain, it was gone after my surgery.  My incision has healed beautifully; the care I received all the way through the process – from beginning to end – was great!

There was never a time my pain level went beyond a 4.  Meds and rehab were well handled and I am so pleased to have a functioning knee.

 Perfection all the way around – from the MRI at Celebration to measure for the implant to Dr. Johnston for excellent surgery to Valerie Poirier, PA, for legendary suture closure to Celebration Hospital for wonderful care.

      -Ken Gauert


"Simultaneous Bilateral Total Knee arthroplasty; I had great results!

I want to start with an internet shout out to people researching this procedure. Anyone spending any time surfing this topic finds out (probably as expected) the internet is a magnet for every bad result of total knee replacement with seemingly far less examples of good results.

So, I'm writing my testimonial for Dr. Matthew Johnston of Celebration Orthopedic and Sport Medicine Institute, Celebration and Kissimmee Florida.

After 3 knee surgeries into my twenties I pretty much figured that I was going to end up with knee replacements. My chiropractor also had knee replacement at Celebration and shared his research that Celebration Orthopedic had the best results he found for Central Florida. It was also my Chiropractor's suggestion that given my relatively young age and extent ofarthritis in both knees that I investigate simultaneous bilateral procedures. There were several reasons that I decided for simultaneous procedures including work and insurance considerations as well as my own opinion that I didn't want to be halfway through one knee recovery now worrying about the other.

The hospital wing (neighborhood) is dedicated to joint replacement including private rooms. My son enjoyed my stay anyway. The room had a large screen TV with internet access, video games and a selection of movies. The patient education is thorough including pre operative preparation and post operative expectations. I think the time spent with preoperative exercises positively influenced my post-op result.

I was out of work for 6 weeks. At 3 months I had my first post surgical business trip. I noticed as I walked through Chicago O'Hare (albeit slowly) that my knees felt tight but there was no pain in the joint. I had never imagined that replacement would ever compare to the original equipment but now at 6 months, the knees feel good, I can walk down stairs, I have good flexibility, I can throw the football with my son. I can bend my knees.

Originally I felt that 50 may be too early for my joint replacements. As I look back at the results now, I believe this was exactly the right time. Dr. Johnston and the entire team did a great job and so far I've had a very good result with simultaneous bilateral total knee replacement."

- E. S. Carson, Clermont, FL


"'Kelly, hey it's Dr. Johnston, you have three meniscus tears, and your ACL, what you did have is now gone'. (Not what an ICU RN of 20 years wants to hear at 7 AM on a Thursday, and it was a hard to listen to those words, and I am sure that it was also a hard phone call for him to make). Two weeks later I was headed to the OR for an allograft ACL, and to clean up the three tears. I was scared to death. Never had any any health related issues. NEVER had surgery before. (My Zumba fate is in his hands). He signed my knee in the Pre-op area, made sure all my questions were answered and was so gentle with me knowing how nervous and scared I was. I don't remember much after surgery, but they told me it went well. I can't imagine having to operate on one of my co workers. He was so kind. He called me the next morning after surgery, just to check in and see how I was. First post op visit two weeks after my surgery, Christine his Nurse removed my sutures out of my knee, so gently, and was full of giggles and smiles. I started Physical therapy the next day. That wasn't very much fun. Erin PT calls me her Rock star, or her ACL prodigy. Dr. Johnston, a man of integrity, a Dr. who understands, because once upon a time he was a patient, with a knee issue. He is genuine, kind, honest, and the Surgeon I chose to operate on me."

- Kelly R.


"The practice is fantastic. I can attest to this statement. Listen to what you are told and follow through. I would put my life in their hands over and over again. Need I say more? Absolutely not!"

- Nancy B.


"In June of 2010 I needed to have a full hip replacement and Dr. Johnston performed the surgery at Celebration Hospital. He, his staff and the hospital did a great job. All of my concerns were addressed, procedures were explained, and the pain was minimal. In October 2011, I needed my other hip replaced. Dr. Johnston and his staff once again did a great job. The hospital stay and rehab were great. Follow ups and appointments with the doctor were handled quickly and at my convenience. He and his staff and office are friendly, compassionate, and very professional. I would do it again."

- Michael M.


"On June 28th, 2012, I had total left knee replacement. The care on and before the surgery was great and the staff was caring and professional. Dr. Johnston and his nurse Christine were an exceptional team. All of our questions were answered and our fears were put aside. We knew we were in good hands. Thanks for my new knee and a new beginning!"

- John M.