Aquatic Therapy

Look For “Aquatic Therapy Near Me?”

Effective non-surgical treatment for joint pain is aquatic therapy. Because the water is buoyant, a significant portion of your weight is supported, reducing the load placed on your joints as you exercise. As a result, exercise is less painful and places a lot less stress on your hip and knee joints.

if you’re looking for “aquatic therapy near me,” it also offers superior resistance training without the need to use weights. This allows the muscles to be strengthened without additional strain. It’s particularly effective for people who are suffering from hip or knee pain, arthritis, an injury, or those who are overweight.

Because you won’t feel as much pain compared to a land-based workout, you can experience a much more rigorous exercise program than would be possible in a gym. Workouts are designed specifically for an aquatic pool, so you can use the water’s resistance to get the most out of each session. Traditional gym or home exercise can’t duplicate this type of resistance.

At Celebration Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine, we have a specially designed aquatic therapy pool that has shallow and deep water sections that can answer your search for “aquatic therapy near me.” The 25-meter pool is ideal for aquatic therapy sessions for those with hip and knee joint conditions.


Aquatic Therapy Near Me

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We accept referrals and work very closely with physicians throughout the region to provide you with the very best rehabilitation programs and services in Florida, including access to our aquatic therapy pool.

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