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Digital technologies have advanced to today’s point, where Telehealth allows us to reimagine the physician visit as a house call without the time, hassle, (and in today’s climate) exposure. While the idea of a virtual visit has been floated around for decades, an telemedicine has been utilized across different specialties and services, from primary care to radiology, cardiology to orthopedics, today it is more viable and important than ever in the light of the pandemic. Today, telehealth applications are software-as-a-service (SaaS). These platforms no longer require big upfront overhead costs but are part of monthly subscription packages that are as secure and HIPAA-compliant as they are affordable. Celebration Orthopaedics is proud to now offer powerful and intuitive Telehealth services. Telehealth will allow us at Celebration Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute to evaluate our patients remotely- in their home or anywhere that has an internet connection. Our physicians are able to review your images, refill medications, educate patients on their conditions, and help patients plan their treatment course with minimal disruption to their active lifestyles. These services are also covered by the majority of major insurers and Medicare.

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Benefits of Telehealth

There are many benefits that are offered by Telehealth, with the most important of them being avoiding exposure throughout these turbulent times. Here are some top benefits that Telehealth provides:

  • Improves patient engagement through remote monitoring- Consumerism and value-based reimbursement in healthcare has grown to lead hospitals and health systems to emphasize new ways of interacting with their patients in order to engage them in self-care. Through treating patients proactively,  clinicians are required to teach patients how to care for themselves between clinical visits. Medical providers can improve outcomes while being cost-efficient through using telehealth for remote monitoring. Patient metrics such as mobility and joint pain can be reported from the comfort of the patient’s own home, while our remote teams can  act as coach and counselor as we engage patients in their journey towards health.
  • Improves clinical workflows and increases practice efficiency- Clinical workflow efficiency can be assisted with Telehealth, as it serves as the conduit for faster prioritization of care delivery, triaging each case, and improving communication through capturing, storing, and using patient data for better medical decision-making. The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) reports that telehealth is a feature of some of the best performing practices in our nation, and can be used to help facilitate performance improvements including increasing patient satisfaction scores.

We Offer Telehealth Services

  • Reduces patient costs- A lot of money and time seeking healthcare is invested by our patients. With a telehealth visit, the doctor can come to the patient on their phone, laptop, or another digital device. The costs of travel, parking, childcare, and taking time off work are all cut out. Oregon Health and Science University saved their patients $6.4 million annually in travel costs through implementing a telemedicine program. 
  • Reduces patient no-shows- Because the costs and efforts of having to travel to the clinic are cut out, patient no-shows go down too, which is great on both sides. Healthcare can be accessed in the comfort and ease of your own home. 

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