Leave Your Orthopedic Surgeon a Review!

Have you recently undergone hip replacement surgery in Celebration, Florida? Was your Orthopedic Surgeon from Celebration Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institue? If so, you can benefit our company and our future patients by leaving a review of your experience. When it comes to intimidating surgical procedures, feedback from actual patients is worth its weight in gold. We want to hear from you about your experience, from beginning to end, so that we can share it with our prospective clients!

Other Procedures Your Orthopedic Surgeon Can Do

You may not realize how broadly talented our surgeons are. Orthopedic medicine addresses all operative procedures related to bones and joints, from small fractures in the ankles and wrists to knee replacement and spinal surgery. We practice minimally-invasive surgical procedures with the most up-to-date technology and surgical methods advised. We encourage patients to ask questions about their procedure ahead of time, ensuring they are comfortable with both the surgical process and the surgeon carrying out the operation.

Return For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Or Other Common Issues

If you approve of the quality of service you received at the hand of your surgeons, then you may want to return in the future for a host of other ailments in which we specialize. Although orthopedic surgeons are best known as “bone doctors,” they also treat common issues of wrist and elbow pain related to “tennis elbow” and carpal tunnel syndrome. An active lifestyle in sports can result in this “repetitive stress injury,” but our surgeons can combat the overuse with a release surgery. You may also develop overuse injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome from typing on a computer for too long or playing an instrument such as the piano. Although these common ailments may not seem as serious as a hip replacement surgery, our doctors provide the same level of high-quality care for these issues.

Telehealth Services And Medical Reviews

In light of the current pandemic – and by extension, the call for social distancing – our office is proud to offer state-of-the-art Telehealth Services. With Telehealth, our doctors can review your radiology with you, refill any needed prescriptions, offer counsel on your current conditions, and help you plan your course of treatment – all while staying at a safe distance and in the comfort of your home. Covered by most major insurance plans and by Medicare, Telehealth is generally a more affordable option for all parties involved. Don’t delay in seeking treatment for any bone, joint, or muscle pain. Make an appointment to be seen, even if virtually, before incurring further damage.

Contact Us

Want to learn more? We are happy to further elaborate on what our providers can do for you; however, we want to hear from you. If you have had a recent operation with us in Celebration, leave a review of your orthopedic surgeon. We will ensure the feedback ends up in the right hands and is used to help inform the decisions of future patients.

What Our Patient say


This was my second knee surgery by Dr. Amundaray. The first was a very successful partial knee replacement. On the other knee, he did a very successful total joint replacement almost nine weeks ago. In fact, I travel from Ocala, FL for his expertise. I am thankful for Dr. Amundaray and I highly recommend him.

– Patsy M.

Dr. Johnston is such a personable physician. He is very attentive and honest. I appreciate his attention to details. I would highly recommend home to my family and friends.

– Irma

Friendly, attentive, felt heard by Dr. Homan.

– K.B.

Saw Dr. Lalli for shoulder pain. He did an initial review and diagnosis. Referred me to physical therapy. Very satisfied with his knowledge & expertise.

– Unknown, Davenport, FL

Dr. Homan is great. He listens and he also puts you at ease in the room, which is not all that common with doctors!

– P. Garret

Dr. Jose Amundaray is an excellent doctor and him and his staff makes you feel like family. Thank you Dr. Amundaray. He Is An Angel That Helped Me.

-Mabel C.

Dr. Johnston is the best! I’ve never had a doctor work so hard to understand what I want and meet my specific needs. He doesn’t make me feel weak or stupid…..he is just kind and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

-Brenda A.