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Surgical and NON-Surgical Treatments

Our expert team is equipped with the best technologies and leading edge techniques to treat your knee and hip
pain and help you regain your mobility, free of pain and inflammation.

NON-Surgical Treatments


A short-term solution for relieving joint inflammation, the center offers cortisone injections to restore mobility.

Aquatic Therapy

Reducing stress on the joints, aquatic therapy offers those suffering joint pain a chance to strengthen their muscles in a specially designed pool.

NON-Surgical Treatments
Surgical Treatments

Surgical Treatments

Total Knee Replacement

Pain or a lack of mobility in the knee joint can seriously reduce the quality of your life. Total knee replacement surgery can repair the damage and return you to normal.

Total Hip Replacement

A hip injury or even constant pain can be extremely debilitating. Hip replacement surgery can replace the worn ball and socket joint so you can enjoy a pain free life.