Side-Effects and Take-aways on PRP-Therapy

The Side Effects And Take-Aways From An Orthopedic Surgeon On PRP Therapy

Are you thinking about receiving PRP therapy? Well, here at Celebration Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Institute, we tell you what our orthopedic surgeon thinks about PRP therapy in general. We also tell you about the side effects of this therapy. For those of you who do not know what PRP therapy is, it is essentially a type of therapy that heals inflammation and other injuries naturally and faster than normal. Essentially, platelets from your own blood are taken out and then re-injected into the area that you need to heal.

Many people swear by this therapy because it is natural, and it comes from your own blood, so your body knows exactly how to replenish and heal. However, as more and more people are receiving this therapy, we are noticing that it might not work for everyone. That is why we provide the information that we do, so you can be fully aware of all of the side effects and takeaways before you jump into it. You can trust our team because we are the best in Celebration!

What Our Orthopedic Surgeon Has Found With PRP Therapy

What Our Orthopedic Surgeon Has Found With PRP Therapy
You are probably wondering what our surgeon has taken away from PRP therapy, as well as the side effects of it. We want to make sure that you have all of the facts before you receive this therapy because every person is different. In terms of the takeaway, PRP therapy is quite promising overall. It has helped people heal many injuries, strengthen their tissues, and even cure hair loss. However, we believe that more research needs to be done, so we can truly determine whether or not this therapy is one hundred percent effective. We like to see strong statistics in place before we jump to any conclusions, and so we know what to tell patients before the therapy. We also believe that specific doses might work better for some people than others, depending on what they need PRP therapy for. In terms of the side effects, there are not many major ones. However, the side effects we have seen is pain in the area that was injected, bleeding, and irritation. Some patients might also experience nausea or dizziness.

Will It Work For You?

Many people are simply wondering whether or not PRP therapy will work for them. This inquiry can get complicated because a lot of the research that determines statistics of effectiveness is not completed. However, we feel confident saying that this therapy works for many people, and it will likely work for you, as well! There is no harm in trying it, especially if you have an injury that you simply cannot heal any other way.

You Can Trust Us

One of the main reasons why we provide the information that we do regarding the side effects and takeaways of PRP therapy is because we want you to trust us. We like to make sure that we know all of the facts before telling our patients whether or not this therapy works and what the side effects are. That is why we are open and honest about it all!

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Celebration Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute are professionals who want you to know all about PRP therapy. That is why we tell you exactly what our orthopedic surgeon thinks of the side effects and takeaways from this type of therapy. Make sure you call or visit us today in Celebration for more information!