Total Hip Replacement

The hip experiences tremendous stresses, even in every day life. Such mundane tasks as walking, bending and turning all require the hip joints to be in almost constant motion. Small wonder why normal wear and tear as well as disease and injury can eventually cause pain, inflammation and loss of motion and mobility.

The decision to have total hip replacement surgery needs to be a joint decision, one involving your family physician, your orthopaedic surgeon, you and your family. It’s a big decision, one that will require some time to adjust to, since it requires physical therapy and post-care to return you to an active lifestyle.

In a total hip replacement, the two parts of the hip joint – the hip socket and head of the thighbone (the ball) – are removed and replaced with smooth, artificial surfaces. There are many options available to replace these surfaces, these include metal-on-polyethylene, ceramic on polyethylene, metal on metal, and ceramic on ceramic. The total hip components may be press fit (bone grows into the prosthesis) of cemented into the bone.

 You may be a candidate for total hip replacement if:

  • You experience hip pain that is limiting your everyday activity, including walking and bending.
  • Hip pain occurs night and day, even while at rest.
  • Periodic or constant stiffness in your hips limits your ability to move or lift your leg fully.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs do little to relieve your symptoms.
  • Alternative treatments, such as non-surgical interventions, don’t adequately relieve hip pain.

To see if you’re a candidate for total hip replacement, discuss your options with one of the orthopaedic surgeons at Celebration Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine. They will be able to make a complete assessment of your condition, as well as factor in such things as your overall health, extent of disability, source of pain and the prospects that you will achieve the results you desire with a total hip replacement procedure. They will also be able to recommend whether you should have a total hip replacement or a Hip Resurfacing procedure.

Please contact us for further information on joint replacement.