Before we jump into the costs, let us look at the meaning of herniated disc surgery. You may ask yourself what this term means?

A herniated disc surgery is a procedure that involves removing the protruding damaged disc from your spine.

A herniated disc removal might sound scary, but it’s not as bad as you think! It simply requires your surgeon to remove parts of the bulging or ruptured tissue to decrease pain and pressure on nearby nerves if there was enough space for them. So don’t worry about having this surgery. Just know that afterward, things will be better than they were before! But for more information, get a consultation at Celebration Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Institute. The Celebration Spine Institute offers the best medical care in town.


More about Celebration Spine Institute

The institute goes the extra mile to offer that extra touch in its service. This is thanks to qualified specialists who are well trained on the best methods and procedures to address your pain. And with a condition like Herniated Disc surgery, you need to get the best for the job.


How the procedure works

To correct a damaged disc, the surgeon will remove a part or all of the ruptured disc to ease the pressure on your spinal cord and nerves. To perform this surgery requires that you are put under general anesthesia. Therefore, there will be a need for involvement by an anesthesiologist and additional surgeons.

Once the surgery is over, you will be transferred to your room to monitor and give pain medications until you recover.


Costs of Herniated Disc Surgery

Herniated disc surgeries cost differently for each individual. The reason being each case is unique, and some factors may increase or decrease the total cost. Read below as we get to discuss the factors that contribute to the herniated disc surgery cost.


  1. The surgeon and staff

A surgeon will require a team of medical practitioners when the surgery is taking place. They may include a nurse, surgical assistant, and anesthesiologist. In addition to that, you will require monitoring after the surgery. Specialized doctors will do it. All these specialists’ costs are factored into the total cost.


  1. Radiology

You need imaging studies of your spine for the doctors to determine the best way to perform the surgery. This is a contributing factor to the total cost.


  1. The operating room and medications offered for recovery. 

To have surgery, you need to reserve an operating room. It will cost money, and the recovery process can take time, depending on how long your procedure will last.


  1. Materials used during the surgery.

Several materials are used during surgery, including operating gloves, scalpels, scissors, forceps, and retractors.


  1. Hospital Stay

When in hospital, you will be closely observed by medical professionals. They will track your vitals and monitor how well the injury is healing so that they can determine when it would be best to discharge you home or if the additional treatment might benefit your visit.

If you experience any pain from a herniated disc and are not responding to treatment, your insurance should cover the surgery. Your deductible will determine how much of that cost is up to you. Financing options are available if necessary.


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