Injuries can put your life on hold. It takes away your mobility, confidence, and doing what you know best: sports! Not to worry if medications, physical therapy, and injections seem to no longer work. A joint replacement surgery can still bring back the quality of life. Surgical procedures sound scary! So, mental preparation is necessary.

While injuries may look similar, everything works differently for everyone. Therefore, finding a team of highly trained and qualified surgeons is one piece of the puzzle.

At Celebration Orthopedics, Florida, you can be sure of a specialized approach that can get you back on your feet sooner and prevent further distractions during the season.


What does sports medicine entail?

Suppose you are over the fence about getting a hip or knee replacement. In that case, these procedures are a guarantee of correcting any deformities, getting rid of pain, and most importantly, boosting mobility. How does it work? The damaged joint is replaced by a prosthesis or implant, a metal, ceramic, or plastic device.


Hip replacement in orthopaedics and sports medicine

For a hip replacement, a metal or ceramic ball is used to replace the hip’s injured ball joint. The prosthesis is linked to a stem, which in turn fits perfectly into the femur. The prosthesis comes with a coating for the bone to grow on to over time. In some cases, it can be cemented to the bone.

How about the socket portion of the ball and socket joint? The metal cup takes its place and fits onto the pelvis. Finally, a plastic liner is snapped onto the ball, and they rotate together on the femoral stem end. With varying shapes and sizes, the prostheses and implants are modified to suit different needs.


Knee replacement

For starters, a good sports medicine physician will help you gauge if you require a total knee replacement. In this case, a thin bone at the end of the femur or thigh bone needs to be pulled out. The same applies to the top of the tibia or leg bone and the underside of the kneecap.

The bone surfaces are shaped and sized using specialized tools to create an apt implant for each knee. For stability and normal mobility around the knee area, major ligaments and tendons are also included.

Depending on your physician’s recommendation, the implants feature a unique material for the bone to grow into or are cemented like their hip equivalents.


How long do these procedures take?

With one to two hours at most for the surgical procedure, and a recovery stay of either one or two days depending on your orthopedic expert, you may even walk on the same day.  However, that is not a ticket to overdo it; therapy is recommended with specific instructions from the sports medicine physician. Within one to three months, someone goes back to their normal activities!



How successful are these replacements?

The healthcare industry can brag about many successful replacements. Statistics show roughly 60% of hip replacements have helped patients live normally for twenty-five years. For another 70%, it took twenty years, with almost 90% going for fifteen years. As for the knees, 82% of patients went for twenty-five years, another 90% lasted twenty years, with 93% going for fifteen years.


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Getting a quality knee or hip replacement is crucial in getting your life back on track. Whenever our bodies are involved, there is no room for chances.

From minor fractures to reconstructive surgeries, search no further. Together with their team of certified surgeons, their advanced procedures are your best bet in regaining your confidence and getting back on the field.