Anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, surgery is usually done to repair damage to the ligament that connects your femur (thighbone) to your tibia (shinbone) and assist in keeping your knee joint in working order. Recovery will include rest, physical therapy, and progressive return to activities. It’s essential to stick to the rehabilitation plan dictated by your doctor following ACL surgery in order to facilitate a speedy recovery. Read on to learn more about recovery following surgery on your ACL from Celebration Orthopedics. Call Celebration Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute today for your appointment.


ACL Recovery


Most people are sent home the same day that they finish ACL surgery. After the patient wakes up from the anesthesia, they’ll usually start practicing walking on crutches and get fitted with a knee brace or a splint. The patient will be given written instructions by their medical provider on showering and immediate post-operative care. Celebration orthopedics commonly suggest utilizing the RICE first aid model (rest, ice, compression, elevation) in order to help bring down the swelling following surgery, and also typically don’t recommend using a heating pad during the first week after surgery. Depending on the specific situation at hand, the patient may begin to put their weight on their leg two to three weeks following surgery.They may regain the full use of their knee within four to eight weeks. The doctor will also most likely recommend physical therapy in order to assist in building leg and knee strength, which may last two to six months.


ACL Surgery Recovery


A study done in 2016 by a major medical journal illustrated that out of 8- amateur athletes, 47.5 percent of them returned to their sport an average of eight months following ACL reconstruction. To assist your wound in healing,it’s essential to change the dressing on your wound according to the instructions of your medical provider. This may include keeping the wound clean, free of debris, and using an elastic bandage. You should always listen to and read your post-operative instructions. Make sure to read and understand these instructions and know what you should watch out for as far as infection or adverse reactions to the surgery. Even though it may seem tempting to skip a few rehabilitation appointments or check-up appointments, you should make sure to go to all of your appointments or reschedule ones that you may need to miss. This includes physical therapy appointments, as physical therapy is necessary in order to assist in regaining the strength in your leg. If you do not have a regular physical therapist, as your doctor for recommendations in your residence area. Lastly, make sure to take your medicine. If your doctor prescribes you pain medications, take them as prescribed. They can assist in faster recovery through dulling pain while you work on strength and range-of-motion exercises in physical therapy. Of course, do not abuse your pain medication as it will be harder to function without them once the prescription has run out.


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