A broken hand is a painful and difficult situation to deal with. If you think that you have broken your hand, you might first seek treatment for the injury in an emergency room or urgent care clinic. If the pieces of broken bone are not lined up properly so that it can heal without immobilization, then you may be referred to a doctor specializing in orthopedic surgery. If you think you have broken your hand, then you will want to prepare a description of your symptoms and how, where, and when the injury happened. You will want to prepare information about you and your family’s medical histories, and all the medications and dietary supplements you take, including dosage. Read on to learn more about having a bone fracture in your hand and what you should be prepared for at the doctor’s office. If you are looking online for an “orthopedic near me” in the Celebration area, call Celebration Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute today!


What To Do At The Doctors


If you think that you’ve broken your hand, there are certain things you should be prepared for at the doctor’s office. Some questions that you should ask your doctor include:

  • What tests do I need?
  • What’s the best course of action?
  • Will I need surgery?
  • Will I need to wear a cast? If so, for how long?
  • Will I need physical therapy when the cast comes off?
  • Are there restrictions that I need to follow?
  • Should I see a specialist?


There are also questions that your doctor may ask you. Your doctor may ask you regarding your occupation, how your hand was bent when the impact occurred, if you are right or left handed, where it hurts and which movements make it hurt the most, and if you’ve had previous hand injuries or surgery.


Treatment For A Bone Fracture In The Hand


After your doctor X-rays and diagnoses you with a broken bone(s) in your hand, treatment will be prescribed. You may look for an “orthopedic near me” to deal with the issue. If the broken bone aren’t aligned, then there can be gaps between each piece of bone, or the fragments may overlap. In such a case, your doctor will have to manipulate the pieces back into position, a procedure known as a reduction. Depending on the amount of pain and swelling that you have, there may be a local or general anesthetic applied for this procedure. No matter what your treatment is, it’s important to move your fingers regularly while the fracture is healing so that they don’t stiffen. Ask your doctor regarding the best ways to move them. For example if you smoke, then you should quit since nicotine can delay or prevent bone healing.


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A bone fracture in your hand can be a painful and difficult injury to go through, and you may need to look for an “orthopedic near me.” If you are looking for an orthopedic in the Celebration area for a broken hand, call Celebration Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute today!