Are you suffering from the pain of arthritis induced inflammation? If so, Biological Injections could greatly reduce your pain and help you start living a much more comfortable life. Celebration Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute is the best foot and ankle clinic in all of Celebration, FL, and we’re here today to teach you the wonderful benefits of Biological Injections. We’ll also explain how we’ve become so renowned for our specialized treatments and why you should choose us for all your orthopaedic needs. 


A Celebration Orthopaedic You Can Trust

Celebration Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute offers something not every foot and ankle clinic can with our innovative and advanced techniques specialized to meet your needs. We understand surgery can be extremely rough and dangerous for older patients and for athletes it can mean the end of their career which is why we also provide nonsurgical treatment options that promote healing and recovery with no surgery involved. We pride ourselves on retaining only the most skilled and experienced physicians each with a wide range of orthopedic knowledge and skill. 


Why Biological Injections?

Biological is a very powerful drug that is often used when other types of medication prove ineffectual towards treating inflammation in arthritis. They are genetically created in a lab to go after the parts of the immune system that create inflammation. On top of their inflammation reduction abilities, they can also help stop damage to your joints and swelling. Despite how useful these drugs can be, only a trained medical professional like the physicians at Celebration Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute should perform a first-time injection on a patient. Once the first injection has been made, a professional can then teach you how to inject yourself but there are some things you must keep in mind.

  • Biological should be refrigerated and not kept in direct light for long periods of time. That said before an injection, the medicine needs to be warmed up to room temperature. 
  • Needles need to be kept in special containers after they are used.
  • The drug should never be shaken or frozen.
  • When performing an injection make sure to sterilize the injection site.

Like many drugs, Biological can change your life for the better, but safety must always be addressed first and if you ever feel uncomfortable performing an injection yourself you should see a trained physician. They can answer any questions or concerns you may be having and help you get on the road to recovery.


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If you’re looking to avoid surgery or just want a celebration orthopaedic clinic you can trust, consider contacting Celebration Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute today. Our foot and ankle clinic has a wide range of treatments and techniques including Biological Injections. Don’t feel like you have to live with the pain of arthritis inflammation, we can help you live a happier and more comfortable life without the need for a dangerous surgery. You won’t worry about having to be bedridden or a long recovery period with our injections. Our team of professionals is here to take only the best care of you.