Sports medicine, also known as “sports and exercise medicine,” is a medical specialty dealing with the treatment and prevention of injuries as related to sports and fitness. Healthcare professionals who comprise this interdisciplinary medical field are able to deal with a wide range of sports-related issues, such as rehabilitation, injury prevention, nutrition, and performance training, not solely a single field such as treating sports-related injuries. Read on to learn more about the field of sports medicine, and what to expect from doctors when you visit our Celebration sports medicine clinic! Call Celebration Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute for an appointment today!


What To Expect At Our Celebration Sports Medicine Clinic


Sports medicine is a very necessary niche in the field of medicine. There are many sports and activity-related injuries that occur, not just with professional athletes but also among the general population. The Centers of Disease Control (CDC) reported that there were 8.6 million sports and recreation-related injuries in the U.S. from 2011-2016 among people of all ages. Even though this medical specialty has only emerged in the late twentieth century and is relatively new,  sports medicine has become an important tool for athletes, since it addresses their unique needs and concerns. Reputable sports medicine specialists and surgeons can make a significant difference in athlete’s lives in addressing their injuries. 


Benefits of Sports Medicine


  • Specialized care- Sports medicine physicians are trained specifically to care for fitness professionals, and other active individuals. Our doctors have a deep knowledge of the impact that sports and exercise can have on their patients’ bodies, such as concussions and repetitive motion injuries, and they work closely with orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists to design individualized treatment plans to address every patient’s specific needs.
  • Enhanced injury and injury prevention- Sports medicine physicians have thorough comprehension of the ways athletes specifically use their bodies on the court and at practice, allowing them to provide patients with specialized advice and instructions on preventing injuries and avoiding re-injuring an area that has been previously damaged.. They assist both professional and amateur athletes make essential decisions about their respective sports, and conduct physical exams prior to participation to make sure that their patients are physically capable of playing.
  • Advanced treatment options- From cutting-edge reconstructive surgical techniques to regenerative medicine procedures such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy and stem cell therapy, sports medicine doctors and surgeons use the latest techniques and procedures in restoring function to injured areas.
  • Enhanced athletic performance- Often, sports medicine specialists play a crucial part in engineering tailored training programs according to an athlete’s individual needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Our doctors have the experience and tools to analyze the anatomical strengths and weaknesses of an athlete, create training regimen recommendations, and spot areas for improvement.


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Sports medicine physicians have the knowledge and tools to fully assess and assist with the individual needs of athletes, both amateur and professional. When you come to our Celebration sports medicine clinic, you can expect quality care and a thorough comprehension of what athletes need. Call Celebration Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine clinic for an appointment today!