The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends at least 150-300 minutes of exercise each week. While exercise is good for your mind, heart, and overall health, you want to be careful not to develop a sports-related injury. 


This article will discuss how to avoid these common issues. If you find yourself in need of treatment, you may be wondering “who are the best orthopedic doctors near me?” The team at Celebration Orthopedics is uniquely qualified to help you. 


While injuries shouldn’t prevent activity, knowing more about them can help reduce the chance of worsening the pain. 


Causes of Muscle Pain 

Sports injuries are commonly caused by overuse, falls, or impacts. You can prevent these injuries by playing it safe when it comes to recreational activities.


One of the most overlooked treatments for muscle pain is diet and nutrition ( Hydrating your muscles well and practicing a proper diet can help prevent injury in the first place. A diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as lean proteins, nuts, and legumes can accomplish this. 


If you are unable to prevent an injury, seeking orthopaedic care is advisable. You could spend time searching for the “best orthopedic doctor near me,” or you could turn to Celebration Orthopaedic. Their doctors are highly qualified in treating anything from the most minor fracture to comprehensive surgeries for back pain. 


Common Sports Injuries And Their Symptoms

Some of the most common sports injuries include:

  • SprainsSprains can occur when you turn a ligament (the tissues connecting bones)  the wrong way, thus tearing it. If you have a history of sprains, consider wearing a brace when doing physical activity.
  • Knee Injuries-Knee injuries can be painful and leave you unable to play for some time. They may require surgery to correct. Stretches, warmups, wearing braces, and proper posture are all key to preventing these injuries.
  • Fractures-Impact sports can cause joint or bone fractures. These may require surgery to fix. Appropriate padding and warming up are useful to prevent fractures. Don’t ignore the pain of a fracture and continue to “play through” it.
  • Tennis Elbow-Even non-Tennis players can get this injury (can also occur frequently from golfing). To avoid this, take breaks, pace yourself, and do other activities in between using your elbow.
  • Plantar Fasciitis-This is a tendon inflammation in your foot’s arch. It can be seen among runners, joggers, and basketball or soccer players. Occasional rest and proper stretching are the best preventatives.
  • Back Pain-Nearly any activity can stress your back. Over time, this can build up and cause pain. Regular low-impact activity and a good diet are best to prevent this. Treatment can require anything from physical therapy to surgery.
  • Concussions-These occur when damage to the head causes brain movement, possibly resulting in tissue damage. Concussions usually heal with a few weeks of rest, but wearing headgear is recommended for prevention. 


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