COVID-19 has uprooted life worldwide, changing the way we celebrate, travel and work. Many people find themselves struggling with motivation and dealing with higher amounts of stress as a result. At Celebration Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute, we see these issues compound as our patients struggle more with the physical pain from working in less-than-ideal environments. As spine specialists, we know the role of working in cramped positions for long periods can play in causing long-term physical damage. Read on to learn about how creating an ergonomic workspace can ease pain and keep you productive. 


Do You Need An Ergonomic Workspace At Home? 

Working from home can present a host of challenges, especially if you do not already have a designated workspace prepared. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans worked primarily in offices. They did not require the space and equipment necessary for creating home offices. 


These days, many people work primarily from home and have for over a year. Things will likely remain as they are for several months, at least. How things will change as we move into the new “normal” remains to be seen. It seems clear, however, that creating a long-term workspace is well worth the time and effort.  


Creating A More Ergonomic Work Environment 

A barrier we may face when deciding to set up a more ergonomic work environment is the fear of high costs. Thankfully, there are a few cost-effective changes that can be made.  


The goal of ergonomics is to try to keep the body in a neutral position to prevent undue strain. Your goal, then, is to create a work environment that prevents shoulder hunching, neck and wrist strain. 


If you can, use an external monitor propped up so that it is at eye level. Work at a table or desk that keeps your elbows flush with its edge. This will allow for better wrist alignment. Sit back in your chair, and keep your feet on the ground with your knees bent. If at all possible, use an office chair with neck and lumbar support. If you can only buy one thing, get a good chair.  


What To Do If You’re Still In Pain

Ergonomics can only do so much when it comes to musculoskeletal pain. If you are dealing with sharp pains that do not go away, it may be time to see a spine specialist. At Celebration Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute, we provide comprehensive spine care, dealing with a range of minor irritation issues to loss of mobility. 


As a comprehensive center, we provide every patient with a thorough evaluation and then give a preliminary diagnosis. We then create a custom plan that may include physical therapy, chiropractic care and other non-invasive treatments. If that does not work, our highly qualified surgeons will be able to take over, offering the most innovative and advanced surgical techniques available today. 


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