There are many medical conditions and physical injuries that might make you undergo hand surgery. Such conditions include hand injuries, rheumatic diseases such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. These conditions damage the structures of the hand hence necessitate surgery. If you feel anything out of the ordinary with your hands, you will need to visit an orthopedic surgeon to examine, diagnose, and treat the condition. In the event the situation is difficult and you need hand surgery, you should settle for experts in the industry. Looking for hand surgeons in celebration, FL, then the ideal service provider is CELEBRATION ORTHOPAEDICS AND SPORTS INSTITUTE. The medical institution offers various surgical services such as carpal tunnel surgery and ankle and foot surgery.

Timeline for hand surgery recovery

Similar to other surgeries, in hand surgery, you will need to be given some recovery time. There is no exact time how long you should take after the surgical process. The time taken is dependent on the surgery performed, overall health before the process, and the causative agent for the hand condition. However, with strict adherence to the doctor’s procedure on the healing process, you will averagely take a few weeks.

  • Immediately after the surgery

The process can either be an outpatient operation where you go home after the surgery or an inpatient operation where you get admitted. You will need to have a family member or friend who will take you home for an outpatient operation since you will be immobile. If no one is available, you should take a cab home.

  • 24 hours after the operation

If you were an outpatient, you would need to make a trip back to the hospital for examination. The doctor will look for signs of infections and know the best remedy for the condition. At this point is when the bandage will be removed, and he will also determine whether to start physiotherapy or if the hand will heal on its own.

  • Within two weeks after the operation.

The healing process can get painful at times, and therefore it is essential to take the medication given to alleviate that pain. You should honour the scheduled doctor’s appointment for an examination of the wound healing.

  • Week three to five after surgery

You might be feeling pins and needle sensation which is a characteristic of complete healing. It is best if you were careful with splint wearing to avoid damage to the healing area.

  • Week six

At this stage, you should have recovered entirely from the surgery and be able to resume your routine. However, you should only be involved in light work. Notably, it would be best if you still made routine physician visits to ensure you are in excellent condition.


Healing from a hand surgery will averagely take six weeks. this whole time, you need to regularly visit your physician to ensure that the recovery process goes as planned. Besides doctor visits, painkillers are an essential part of recovery.

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