Going to the doctor’s office is not always convenient, or comfortable. People often have to leave work early, deal with a commute, try to be done in time to get kids, and sit in waiting rooms for a short visit. Medicine doesn’t have to be that way. We at Celebration Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine offer specialized telehealth and telemedicine services so that your health can be maintained conveniently and, in these times, safely, through digital services. While many people may be skeptical of a digital approach, these methods have been clinically applied and shown several benefits. We believe those benefits may be just what you’re looking for! At Celebration, we want to help make your online doctor visits comfortable.


The Biggest Convenience: Online Doctor Visits


We know that trying to get to appointments around busy schedules and sitting in a waiting room is not always easy, and in light of COVID-19, it may not be the safest option, either. Our telehealth allows you to bypass these problems by providing you the chance to have an online doctor visit. This enables you to communicate with your doctor through email, video conferences, or interactive chats. Web-based disease preventative programs allow doctors to treat you sooner, when the sickness may be less progressed, extend scarce healthcare resources, improve client access to services, and enhance follow-up care. We at Celebration offer several medical services for orthopedic care. 


You Get A Second Opinion Through Store And Forward


Once you’ve had a virtual conference with your doctor, the store and forward application technique captures all information, including digital images, video, audio, and other data is stored and sent electronically to a specialist or facility for interpretation. The benefit of this is that you know you are getting a peer-reviewed opinion on your information.


Remote Monitoring: What You Need To Know


Remote monitoring is a clinical application of telemedicine that ensures you still get the consistent feedback you need from your physician. This is done through devices that recognize the patient, record any abnormalities, and transmit that data to the physician. For example, let’s say a patient has some heart irregularities. A remote monitoring device would record any instance of arrhythmia in the patient, whether it’s brought on by palpitations, angina, or another cause. The physician will then see this data and be able to follow up with the patient without their having to come to an office. This has several benefits, including the doctor’s constant ability to monitor the specified issue in a patient and the patient’s ability to go on with their lives as the device does its work.


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