Perhaps you have read about professional athletes utilizing injections of PRP to speed healing times for their injuries. The popularity of these shots, created using blood drawn from your own body, is increasing, and they are becoming more available at Orlando orthopedic centers. Celebration Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute in Celebration would like to better inform you about these injections and how they can aid in reducing your recovery time.


PRP Shot From Orlando Orthopedic Center: What Are They?

Plasma is a blood component that is mainly composed of protein and water, while platelets are blood cells that assist in clotting. These components of your blood help you to heal. A shot of these biological substances can be used to treat damage or injuries that affect ligaments, skin, joints, muscles, and tendons. 


Your healthcare professional will draw your blood and then, with the help of a machine, separate the PRP from the blood sample. Your doctor will then numb the injection site and inject the PRP. An ultrasound can aid the doctor in targeting the correct area of the injured body part. On average, platelet-rich plasma injections take around 30 minutes to perform, although this can vary. Once injected, the PRP will break down, releasing growth factors that help your cells to repair themselves. It is thought that this will trigger the healing process.


Which Conditions Can Benefit From PRP? 

Celebration Orthopaedic can use this process to treat many conditions. These include tendonitis, arthritis pain, joint injuries, muscle injuries, and torn tendons. PRP Injections are also being more commonly used for cosmetic surgeries and procedures, mainly in alopecia treatments and what has become known as the “vampire facial.”


How Effective Are PRP Injections? 

While further studies are necessary to confirm the effectiveness in some conditions, current research supports the usage of PRP injections for speeding healing in post-op or injury for specific conditions. In some studies, the injections have also been proven effective for reducing the pain from injuries sustained to the rotator cuff. The treatment also appears to be effective in treating pattern baldness. Studies are still inconclusive on the “vampire facial,” though. 


Preparing For Injections Of PRP 

Ahead of your appointment, you will be advised to stop certain medication blood-thinners, such as ibuprofen or aspirin. It may also be necessary to stop certain supplements like omega-3s. Talk to your doctor for more information on how to be best prepared for the injections.


Usually, there are not any significant side effects caused by PRP, though you will want to eat before your appointment since you will be having blood drawn. 


After the procedure, be sure to avoid washing the injection site for at least 48 hours. After, you may experience some bruising and soreness, but contact your doctor if the pain is intense or sharp.


You will also want to check with your insurance provider to be sure the injections are covered. Your provider will most likely not cover PRP if the injections are for cosmetic purposes.


If any of the following are true, you should not receive PRP injections:

  • Your platelet function is abnormal, or your count is low.
  • You suffer from anemia.
  • You have been diagnosed with cancer.
  • You have an infection. 


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