It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, there will come a time when your body is telling you it needs help. Joint pain, muscle pain and bone pain can put a damper on your day. Not to mention the quality of life that’s taken from you. If you’re suffering from this type of pain and live near Celebration, orthopedic surgeons from Celebration Orthopaedics have the experience to detect and treat your symptoms. 


Orthopedic Surgeons Treat a Variety of Problems


Did you know that your musculoskeletal system in our body will be the main reason people visit the doctor every year? Over time, our bones, joints and muscles will become weak. This will put more pressure on those areas, increasing our chances of experiencing an injury. 


Believe it or not, an orthopedic surgeon will do his/her best to avoid surgery at all costs. Not only is this expensive to the patient, but it will include a vigorous recovery period that will put a brief pause on their life. 


Musculoskeletal issues can be rooted in our hands, spine, shoulders, hips, feet, ankles, knees and elbows. We use these every day for just about every necessary daily function and wouldn’t be able to live freely without our musculoskeletal system working properly.


While many people believe an Orlando orthopedic center will only deal with normal pain and aches, the scope of work goes much further than that. These surgeons can help diagnose, treat, prevent and rehab a variety of pains, aches and disorders. Here are just a few:


  • Sports-related injuries
  • Orthopedic and bone tumors
  • Injuries to the spine affecting your back and neck
  • Arthritis and carpal tunnel
  • Foot or ankle injuries like bunions
  • Muscle, ligament and tendon-related injuries


By seeking help from an Orlando orthopedic center today, you can start getting back to enjoying your life rather than suffering through it. Your orthopedic surgeon will guide you on the way to whatever surgical or non-surgical treatment you need. 


Non-Surgical Treatments


When visiting an Orlando orthopedic center, their surgeons will do whatever they can to diagnose and treat you without the use of surgery. If they feel it won’t be needed, they will put together a treatment plan that fits your needs and lifestyle. 


There are a variety of non-surgical ways to treat orthopedic complications. Assisted or supervised exercise and training will normally be a go-to treatment when avoiding surgery. In some cases, medication could do the trick. 


Your surgeon will do a full body analysis before determining the best form of treatment for you. They will help you retake control of your life. 


Surgical Treatments


In the event that your injury is too complicated for traditional rehabilitation, your orthopedic surgeon will recommend undergoing surgery to repair the injury once and for all. They will be able to give you any and all information needed to ensure your health is seen as a priority.


While surgery will be frightening to most, it is sometimes necessary to live your life the right way. You shouldn’t rid yourself of help if your body is crying out for it. 


If you’re experiencing any of the related issues above, it might be time to call an Orlando orthopedic center. Luckily for you, Celebration Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute is ready to improve your quality of life. Our orthopedic surgeons are extremely experienced at diagnosing the problem and treating it properly. Contact us today if you’re in the Celebration area to schedule your consultation!