Are you struggling with a rotator cuff injury? Here at Celebration Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Institute, we tell you more about rotator cuffs and rotator cuff repair because we have found one of the best ways to treat injured rotator cuffs. Many people deal with rotator cuff injuries at some point in their lives for various reasons. These injuries might happen suddenly or they might develop over time as your muscles and tendons are slowly wearing and tearing. Regardless, rotator cuffs are rather complicated because there are a lot of joints, muscles, and other parts of the body that surround them. To put it simply, the rotator cuff is the joint that allows your arm to have mobility and strength. However, it is not just one part of the body because it is made up of various parts for your arm to move, but it is called the rotator cuff to summarize this muscle group. It is truly important to your body! That is why when people face rotator cuff injuries they are very painful and prevent a lot of mobility and day-to-day activities. We are excited to tell you about the treatment we offer for rotator cuffs because we are the best in Celebration. 


Rotator Cuff Repair With Bio-Inductive Implants 

You are probably wondering what treatment we have invented for healing injured rotator cuffs. This treatment is carried out using bio-inductive implants. Since the tendons in your body are mainly made from collagen, this implant will essentially grow new tissue for the tendons around your rotator cuff so it can fully repair and heal. These implants are not the same as a knee or hip replacement because those treatments involve a foreign material that helps your body move the way it used to. Bio-inductive implants are not solid, but rather, chemical properties that allow your body to grow new tissue and heal naturally. These implants will take around six months to fully heal and your rotator cuff will be good as new. We have seen amazing results from bio-inductive implants and we recommend them to anyone who is suffering from injured rotator cuffs. Your body will be able to heal on its own and you won’t have to worry about injuries in the future.


Your Body Heals Itself

One of the main reasons we pride ourselves on the new bio-inductive implants is that they allow your body to heal itself. That is to say, we do not have to implant a foreign substance or material into your body because it will heal on its own with the biochemical properties we put in it. 


How To Know If You Have An Injured Rotator Cuff

Just because you are feeling pain in your shoulder does not necessarily mean that you have a rotator cuff injury. It is important to get a medical diagnosis when it comes to rotator cuff injuries so you can be certain that you need proper treatment. You will know if your rotator cuff is injured because the tendons, ligaments, cartilage, muscles, or bone will be torn or broken. 


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