Failed Back Syndrome is no failure of your back’s own fault. This name is misleading. Failed Back Syndrome is simply the symptoms felt after an unsuccessful back surgery. Our patients at Celebration Orthopaedics rarely see this so-called syndrome, thanks to our very own expert spine specialist. Need an orthopedic doctor near me? Call us today!

Why (And When) Back Surgery Fails

Spinal surgery is a complex process. Some procedures are more successful than others, as it is easier to ensure where the true root of pain is and just what it takes to alleviate that pain. Other procedures are more unpredictable. So when should you risk back surgery and when should you hesitate?

Spinal surgery is usually done to accomplish one of two goals: to decompress a pinched nerve root, or stabilize a painful joint. Most often, when this does not work, it is because the wrong joint or nerve was not targeted, failing to relieve the pain.

While this on occasion may be a result of a negligent surgeon, most often this is simply due to the unpredictability of certain procedures. For example, when treating a herniated disc that causes leg pain, the success rate is much higher than treating a herniated disc that causes lower back pain.

The solution to this is, if possible, to stick to only the most reliable surgical procedures, and try non-surgical or minimally invasive procedures first to help ease the pain. At Celebration Orthopaedics, our spinal specialist can perform all of these treatments and beyond!

Meet Our Resident Spine Specialist

At Celebration Orthopaedics, we employ only the most qualified and experienced doctors and surgeons to take care of our patients. Our resident spinal specialist, Dr. Haque, is an accomplished spinal surgeon and researcher, specializing in neck and back pain. His many years of training and practice have taught him that no example of back pain is quite the same case. Therefore, he devotes extensive time and attention to each patient, getting to know them and their pain very well so that he can most accurately target and treat the true root of their pain. He also tailors his treatment plans specifically to each patient, employing minimally invasive and full-surgical procedures when necessary.

Common minimally invasive procedures include Endoscopic Discectomy, Total Disc Replacement, Anterior and Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusions, and Endoscopic Decompression, used to treat a variety of conditions including disc herniations, Osteoporosis, Spinal Stenosis, spine trauma, and much more.

Are you suffering from back pain? Don’t spend hours scouring the internet for an “orthopedic doctor near me”. Get in touch with Dr. Haque and set up an appointment to discuss your options!

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Get in touch with an orthopedic doctor near me! Celebration Orthopaedics takes careful consideration with each and every one of our patients, so that we can be sure we are correctly targeting and healing their pain, allowing them to get back to their lives. Our resident spine specialist, Dr. Haque, is well-versed in successfully treating back and neck pain for many patients throughout the Celebration area. Suffering from back pain? Set up an appointment with us now!