Amateur and professional athletes (along with anyone else who participates in athletic activities) risk injury every time they train, practice, and compete. And unfortunately, many athletes will face intense pressure to return prematurely to play when they are nursing an injury. The challenge, then, for sports medicine doctors is to have players return safely. Celebration Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Institute would like to share our knowledge of common sports-related injuries, including causes and potential therapy options. We’re an orthopaedic group in Florida with locations in Celebration, Kissimmee, Orlando, and St. Cloud. Our skilled physicians use innovative and advanced techniques to perform surgical and non-surgical treatments in a wide range of orthopedic specialties. So, you no longer need to search for “orthopedic near me.”


Sports Medicine: Common Injuries and Treatments

Injuries from a small fracture to a torn ligament and worst are inevitable in the world of sports because of the repeated stress athletes place on their bodies to compete at an intense level. While a player can suffer from a number of injuries, there are certain types of injuries almost every athlete will likely experience.


Foot and Ankle Injuries—Injuries to the foot and ankle are common while leading an athletic lifestyle. Your feet and ankles are exposed to the daily stress of bearing your body’s full weight. And sometimes this demand can be too much to bear. It’s important not to delay diagnosis and treatment as an ongoing condition or a long-term disability can occur as a result of repetitive injury. Some of the foot and ankle conditions our orthopedic doctors treat include midfoot fractures, ankle fractures, Achilles tendon ruptures, and heel pain.


Sprains and Spasms—Sprains and spasms are the most common types of sports injuries. A sprain happens when a ligament is torn or stretched, and a spasm is caused by excessive stress on a particular area of the body. Often, sprains and spasms are unavoidable for high-level athletes, but precautions can be made by trying not to jerk, twist, or overextend vulnerable areas.


Hand and Wrist Injuries—We employ our wrists, hands, and fingers to accomplish many different tasks for us throughout our day. And with the number of bones, ligaments, tendons, and joints keeping our hands and wrists operational, there is plenty of opportunity for sports or non-sports injuries. Our orthopedic doctors treat common upper extremity conditions such as tendon injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, distal radius fractures, and elbow bursitis.


Knee Injuries— A knee injury can have a devastating effect on an athlete’s playing career. Damage to the knee during physical activity is never pretty. The usual cause is an injury to one of the four main ligaments in the knee. An athlete should allow this type of injury to fully heal before returning to their athletics.  


Consult with Our Sports Medicine Doctors

Working with a skilled sports medicine physician can help you keep your body healthy without overexertion. Celebration Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Institute is here to help. Our team of physicians can offer the right professional therapy to help get any athlete or non-athlete back to their athletic practice.


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