The recent public health crisis of COVID-19 has unveiled some of the most pressing challenges of the healthcare industry, now magnified by the pandemic. One solution that has been gaining traction in recent years has been able to address many of these concerns: telehealth! Telehealth is the practice of healthcare— including visits and assigning of prescriptions— virtually. This has been especially important in this time of social distancing, when a virtual visit with your doctor is much preferable to an in-person one; but the benefits will go beyond the pandemic, giving people much more access to healthcare, no matter where they are. We at Celebration Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Institute are proud to be a telehealth provider to our nearby residents. We’ve helped many throughout Celebration get the care they need! Talk to your orthopedic surgeon from the comfort of your own home! Call today!

The Many Benefits of Telemedicine

Right now, the benefits of telehealth are especially imperative. We do not know how long the coronavirus precautions will be in place, so telemedicine will be instrumental in helping those who do not need to make an in-person visit. Here are just some of the many benefits:

Access & Distribution:

  • Scheduling and attending appointments will be easier for both remote patients and remote hospitals.
  • In particular, specialists will be able to see a geographically wider range of patients, helping more people.

Reduced Costs

  • As more and more quick, easy appointments are being switched to virtual, less resources will be used from in-person visits.
  • This reduces travel costs for the patients.

Productivity & Organization

  • The assigning and delivery of many prescriptions can all be done virtually, requiring less in-person visits.
  •  Virtual visits also allow for home monitoring of chronic illnesses more easily.
  • Virtual healthcare also allows for more timely treatments and follow-up appointments.

Health Outcomes

  • Through the ease of virtual visits, patients will be able to be diagnosed and/or treated earlier, and more often.
  •  Hospitals that have more thoroughly integrated telehealth have seen reduced hospital stays, reduced complications, and best of all, reduced mortality rates.

Get Access to A Telehealth Provider From Celebration Orthopaedics

Visit your orthopedic surgeon virtually with Celebration Orthopaedics’ telehealth! Today, telehealth is used across a wide spectrum of specialties, from cardiology to orthopedics, allowing patients to get faster, more convenient care (and in today’s climate, safer, less exposed care). Through our powerful and intuitive telehealth services, we are able to evaluate a patient’s needs remotely, with a wide range of capabilities such as virtually reviewing images, refilling medications, educating patients on their conditions, and helping them plan their recovery path. These services are covered by most major insurers and Medicare. We are always looking for the newest, most effective ways to treat our patients, and for many, telehealth is a game-changing necessity.

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Celebration Orthpaedics & Sports Medicine Institute is a proud telehealth provider to our local Celebration residents, bringing them only the most effective healthcare. Get in touch with your orthopedic surgeon today! Call now!