Orthopedic surgery helps millions of people with debilitating injury or disease return to their active lifestyles every year.

Any type of operation on the musculoskeletal system for the treatment of painful symptoms or restricted mobility may be considered orthopedic surgery. Surgery may involve a whole range of procedure right from the relatively simple repair or removal of torn ligaments, tendons, or debris from joints

through tiny poke-hole incisions as in arthroscopy or more complex procedures such as minimally invasive joint replacement surgery. Arthroscopy may also be used as a diagnostic tool to determine the cause of your joint pain.

Yet many people suffering with degenerative joint disease or painful orthopedic injuries are hesitant or aren’t aware of the benefits of orthopedic surgery. With improvement in surgical techniques, many patients can undergo outpatient orthopedic surgery and return home the very same day or after an overnight stay.

It may be time for surgery if you have tried conservative treatment options such as pain medications, injections, physical therapy, lifestyle modifications and still experience signs and symptoms such as:

                   Persistence or recurrence of bone and joint pain

                   Increased pain with activity

                   Restricted mobility

                   Difficulty with activities of daily living

                   Pain that prevents you from sleeping

                   Grating sensation in the joints

                   Decreased quality of life due to the inability to do the things you enjoy.

Orthopedic surgery can offer a safe, easy, and permanent solution to many bone and joint conditions and is a far preferable option to living with pain. Waiting too long before seeking a definitive surgical treatment in some cases may make the situation worse. If you have been living with a minor orthopedic condition that does not seem to be getting better, the first step would be to visit your doctor or an orthopedic physician to obtain an accurate diagnosis and explore possible treatment options